Holy Hot


A bit late in starting my training for my next half. Today was run #4 on the schedule, but #1 in reality. It was supposed to be an 11k, since I am doing an advance training program which presumes I am running 4 times a week. Usually not a big deal, but since I’m not running so much…well. Add to it, the humidity which I had seriously underestimated.

I moved a couple of months ago and I am having to re-track my runs.  I have no idea where to run to make it 11km.  I’m challenged at getting my distances right, often falling short. Reminds me of when I first started running and chased the elusive 10km mark!

Today I headed toward Mont Royal, not really thinking about the gradual climb leading to the mountain.


Combined with the humidity, I found it impossible to run.  My legs felt heavy. The air was heavy. To make up for missing 4km of my run, I stopped at the St. Joseph Oratory and ran the stairs instead.

280 stairs to the very top.


It was hard but good.  One of the moments where I knew I would be grateful once I finished. No regrets.

I need to stay focused on the rest of my training if I hope to get a personal best in September.


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