Timing is Everything… Except When it’s Not

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. The perfect job turns out to be not so perfect. The happily ever after romance is missing a few chapters at the end of the book. A red sock finds its way in with the whites. And maybe you don’t run in the morning like you had hoped.
Too many things conspired against me between the hours of 8:30pm last night and 5:30am this morning; resulting in me changing my alarm at 4:30am and sleeping for an additional 2 hours. So instead I ran this evening.

Running at 8pm isn’t my favourite. It’s hard to get out at the end of the day. Motivation is often at an all time low.

But, once I get out, it’s actually my favourite time of the day to run. There is a nice hum of the city as dusk falls and everyone is ending their day. Their is a calmness in the evening that you can’t find in the morning. In the morning, everyone is in a rush to get where they are going, to attack the to do list, get ‘er done. In the evening, most people have made it home already, the to do lists have been put away until tomorrow and what’s gonna get done has gotten done.
Or maybe it’s just me. The calmness that I feel knowing I am ending my day with a run.


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