Slow Magic


This quote has changed my life. When I heard it, I immediately wrote it on a post it note and put it on my monitor at work.  I look at least once every day, Monday to Friday.

I’m the kind of person that likes it when I know what to expect. That feels most comfortable with plans, less comfortable with spontaneity. The kind of person that had a plan for her life, knew how it all would play out.

I used to be that kind of person.

I still struggle with being that person, but have gotten much better with the unexpected, with spontaneity and even more so with being ok that I no longer have a detailed plan for my life.  I’m ok with no knowing what tomorrow, or next week, next month or even next year might bring.  Dare I say it? It’s actually a little bit exciting!

I have started to live by this quote and everything in my life has changed.  Sometimes, (ok, a lot of the time), it makes me uncomfortable; the not knowing what to expect, wanting some clear answers, wanting to know how it will all play out.  It actually makes me squirm. But I also recognize that it has made me more calm, more content, and more joyful. I breathe deeper, my heart beats slower and stronger. I feel peaceful.

Slowing down, taking things one day at a time, worrying less about tomorrow and enjoying today, has created a true magic that is inexplicable.


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